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Graduate Courses

CONFLICT#Course TitleCredits
510Conflict Management1
Choose one (1) of the following:
517Conflict Coaching2 (Pre or co-req 500, 501, or 502)
516Group Facilitation2 (Pre or co-req 500, 501, or 502)
Choose four (4) credits from the following:
515Conflict and Culture1

Internships & Competency Examinations

Please contact Ashley Nichols for additional information about Internships and Competency Examinations.

Conflict management workshops and descriptions

A variety of one-credit elective workshops are offered. The following list provides examples of workshops that have been offered as approved electives in the past. Any of these may be replaced as faculty develop new workshops. Additionally, whereas core courses are scheduled consistently from year to year, workshop offerings have no consistent schedule.

Conflict#Course TitleCourse InfoDescription
  • Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management
    • Understanding and managing emotions in the practice of effective conflict management.

  • Win/Win Skills for Managing Conflict
    • Managing conflict in ways that promote effective outcomes while maintaining good relationships.

  • Conflict-Competent Leadership
    • How leaders of small groups can make constructive use of the interpersonal conflicts and divergent thinking of group members.

  • The Art of Collaborative Leadership
    • How leaders may use small-group consensus processes to make better decisions, raise morale and increase buy-in.

  • Managing Generations in the Workplace
    • Teaches effective strategies for dealing with difficult people and bullies.