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Criminal Justice Online – General Information

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Online Degree Pathway – Admission to the Major – Complete your CJ Degree

Whether you are seeking to begin or complete a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, our online program may be right for you. We are here to meet you where you are in your educational journey and foster your learning through to graduation.

Our Criminal Justice Online degree offers the same rigor and standards as our traditional degree, but allows you to complete your education from anywhere. All of the courses required for your degree, and most of our upper-division electives are available in the online format so that you will have the ability to chose which courses are best suited to your own educational and career goals. Because the education you receive is equal to that of our traditional program, your degree will not be marked as an “online” degree on your diploma.

Getting Started:

Our program is designed to make sure that you have developed the skills necessary to successfully complete your degree. To do this, we have a 2-tiered system (lower-division and upper-division/admission to the major). Whether you have not yet completed college courses or if you have some credits to transfer, you will want to see how those fit in with our lower-division required courses. If you are missing some of these requirements, you can work with the “Online Degree Pathway” program to find online offering that meet these requirements.

Finishing your Degree:

Once you have completed each of the lower-division requirements, you will be ready to apply for admission to the major. Upon acceptance of your application stating that all requirements are met, you will officially become a Criminal Justice major and be able to complete your upper-division course work.