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Field Work/Internship Testimonials

“Overall I felt this practicum gave me a great insight into the everyday workings of an investigation department.”

“The experience I had this summer with my field practicum was one of the great learning and development in the field of juvenile probation.  I was set up with one of the agency’s best Probation Officers and was allowed to fully experience what it was like to work on a case load with pre-adjudicated and adjudicated youth.  This practicum experience far exceeded my expectations and I am very pleased with my time as an intern at the agency.  Also, I am excited because this practicum experience turned into a full-time position for me as a Probation Officer.”

“I really enjoyed the Nampa Police Department.  I was always excited to go and learn more.  I never had a day that I did not learn something new.  I would choose this agency to go to again and I would recommend it to others.”

“The practicum was a great hands-on experience and I was not stuck doing pointless tasks in the office.  I would recommend this practicum to anyone interested in a career with ISP because it gives a first-hand look at the situations facing officers on a daily basis.”

“Through my practicum I have learned a great deal about the profession (legal practice) and would definitely recommend it to others who are considering working in a law firm.  You get a sense of what it truly means to be a defense attorney and what it entails.  I am certainly glad that I chose to do my practicum with this law firm.  This experience has opened a whole new door for me.  When I began my practicum, I actually wanted to do the prosecution side, but I have come to enjoy the work done by a defense attorney.  I may even consider forgoing a job in a prosecutor’s office once I graduate from law school and going to a small firm to do defense work.”

“…I learned quite a bit about how the private sector works.  The agency was very welcoming and I did not feel that I was being given work that no one else wanted.  I was given jobs that were useful to my learning how a loss prevention office works.  I would recommend this agency to people looking for a good job and wanting to experience security at a corporate level.”

“This internship has far exceeded my expectations.  The training I have received will become extremely valuable when I begin managing my own division of the company.  But more than anything, the time in the internship has given me the confidence and reassurance that I have made the correct career choice by accepting the company’s job offer to begin in September.”