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Fridays with Frank

Join us for Fridays with Frank with Dr Dafydd Townley at 12:00pm (note time change) on Friday, Sept. 24.


Dr. Dafydd Townley is a Teaching Fellow at Royal Air Force College Cranwell in the UK. He is the author of The Year of Intelligence in the United States: Public Opinion, National Security and the 1975 Church Committee.

The Frank Church Institute was established in 1982 as the Frank Church Chair of Public Affairs at Boise State University, to honor the achievements and to carry forward the principles of one of Idaho’s most distinguished native sons, Senator Frank Church.

The Institute, which is housed within the School of Public Service at Boise State University, emphasizes to its students those ideas which the Senator held dear—a strong belief in the rule of law, eloquence firmly based on reason, and an unwavering faith in the American political system.

Fridays with Frank

Dafydd Townley, Sept. 24

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The Frank Church Institute’s mission is to promote civic engagement and understanding of public policy with focus on foreign relations. The Institute is non-partisan, but it seeks to provide a forum for open and informed discussion characterized by civility, tolerance, and compromise. The Institute seeks to fulfill its mission through the sponsorship of the annual Frank Church Conference, the Frank and Bethine Church Chair of Public Affairs, and the Frank Church Scholarships at Boise State University.  View a gallery of photos from the reception welcoming new Frank and Bethine Church Chair of Public Affairs Steven Feldstein.

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