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Adjunct FAQs


How do I become an Adjunct for The School of Public Service (SPS)?

Contact our Program Leads for the program you are best qualified and interested in and they’d be happy to have a conversation to share more information! 

What is an LOA?

A Letter of Appointment (LOA) states your specific class information for the upcoming semester as well as what your total pay will be. 

When will I receive my first paycheck?

Payroll is on a biweekly basis and is two weeks in arrears paid out over the course of your class start and end dates. You will receive your first paycheck two weeks after your start date and receive your last paycheck two weeks after your end date.

Where can I learn more about the I-9 requirements?

The I-9 Form must be completed on or before your first day of employment. Visit HR’s website for specific details.

How do I set up my class on Canvas?

Where can I get supplies for my class?

  • All classrooms have an instructor’s computer, AV and internet connections, whiteboards, and markers supplied by the Facilities Operations and Maintenance (FOM) department. If additional markers are required, please write the need on the whiteboard for the evening Maintenance personnel.
  • If your class requires unique supplies, please complete the SPS spending request form with specific details and SPS Team Support will try to accommodate the request. Please note, most supplies need to be ordered with two weeks’ notice when possible.

How do I print materials for my class?

If you need any photocopies or testing materials, please email your request to with at least 48 hours notice

How do I gain access to a building?

Most university-wide classrooms are scheduled with 15 minutes in-between classes; adjuncts will not have access to buildings after-hours while not on contract. If a building is locked, please contact

I’m teaching a workshop, is there anything I need to know?

Workshops are a unique type of class that student registration varies:

  • Special Session 1: students can enroll up until the day before the workshop begins
  • Special Session 2: students can enroll up until the day of the workshop beginning

If you plan to contact your students before the first day of class, ensure you are using the current enrollment roster which can be found in your PeopleSoft “Class Roster”. 

My Class Roster looks like I’m teaching more than one class. Can you please explain?

The School of Public Service offers students opportunities for interdisciplinary studies. This means that we combine classes with other programs and departments across campus. Students from various disciplines are able to register and have it count towards their major. You’ll still teach the same class!

Where can I arrange to meet a student on campus?

You can either hold standing office hours, and/or schedule appointments with students. There are general meeting spaces in the Environmental Research Building (ERB). If you’d like to meet privately, please contact to reserve a conference room. You can also ask students to meet you at a coffee shop or outdoor space on campus.

Where do I find campus deadlines?

The Office of the Registrar puts out an Academic Calendar that shares all the upcoming deadlines for each semester.

How do I submit grades?

Check out the section titled, “How do I turn in my grades?”, on the Faculty Grading page

What is a permission number?

A permission number allows a student to enroll in a class for a variety of situations such as overriding a prerequisite or the class is full and the student requires the class to graduate.

What do I do if I need to cancel a class for the day?

If you need to cancel a class, contact your students via BCC email or Canvas class site and include the Program Lead. In addition to the email notification, also contact with your class information (meeting location and time) to inform us and we can post a sign outside the classroom door.

Are there preferred Boise State University’s email signatures?

Feel free to set up your email signature using one of the following templates

Are there any mentorships offered?

If you’re interested in having a mentor, reach out to our Academic Programs Coordinator,, for more details.

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