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Whitnee Wall, a junior in business and human resources, studies for summer classes by the river, photo Patrick Sweeney

It’s summertime, Broncos! That means sunshine and time to explore and unwind now that the semester is over, wherever you are. We asked you on our Instagram page where you’ll be hanging out over the next few months.

1) Good ol’ Boise

If you’re staying in the City of Trees, there are plenty of things to keep you busy around Boise this summer. See Boise by bike. Have a picnic and hammock in one of Boise’s many parks (known as the Ribbon of Jewels). Take a hike on Boise’s best hiking trails. There are plenty of summer adventures and day trips that are just a short drive away right here in the home of the Broncos!

2) On Campus

Some Broncos are enrolled in summer classes and will still be hanging around campus for a while over this break. Summertime brings adjusted hours for many on-campus buildings and resources so be sure to check out our recent  5 ½ Things About Summer Hours for up-to-date information on what’s open and when.

3) Near the water

Just because we’re in Idaho doesn’t mean we’re far away from places to cool off in the hot summer sun. Many Broncos will be swimming, kayaking, and relaxing around the Boise River, Quinn’s Pond, and Lucky Peak! You can even look into river rafting trips on the Payette River and a full-on expedition through the Salmon River with the outdoor program.

4) With family and friends

Wherever your people are, summer is the best time to reconnect with family and friends in your hometown. Make the most out of your summer months by connecting with people and spending quality time with those you don’t get to see very often.

5)  In the West

Several Students said that they were going home or to different states this summer vacation. The majority of these states are in the west including Montana, California, Washington, and Oregon. No matter where your travels take you this summer, there may be a chance that you’ll run into a member of our Boise State community!

5 ½) For some, all over the world.

Some students will be traveling internationally this summer! Some of their destinations include South Africa, Australia, and Ireland. Wanting to get out and explore? Check out Global programs that allow you to study abroad (like Sarah Gentile, a travel enthusiast with an inspiring story). Whether you’re staying in the country or visiting another country, there are many adventures to be had. Safe travels!

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