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5 ½ Things About College-Friendly Fall Snacks

Orange autumn leaves outside of Driscoll Hall
Campus Scenes, Fall, Photos by Danny Swanstrom

It’s officially autumn, Broncos! I’m ready for all things fall, including some delicious fall snacks. Here are five fall favorites that are easy to make.

1) Pumpkin spice coffee

It’s the time of year when pumpkin spice lattes are definitely socially acceptable. You can get your coffee fix in at many of our on-campus coffee shops like Starbucks (in the Student Union Building), Cafe 32 (in Albertsons Library), and Poppyseed café (in the Business Building). Local grocery stores like Albertsons and Trader Joe’s also have some autumn roasts for you to home-brew.

2) Apple crisp

An apple crisp bowl is sure to put you in that fall frame of mind. This quick and easy to make recipe is a healthy bite that may hold off your apple pie craving until Thanksgiving.

3) Pumpkin snack mix

This pumpkin snack mix recipe is a great treat to munch on while watching your favorite fall movie. Bonus: also very easy to make in a dorm room.

4) Caramel corn

Who doesn’t love caramel corn? If you didn’t want to try this at-home recipe, as I’m sure that you can guess, our local grocery stores have some excellent pre-made options.

5) Pumpkin bread

Pumpkin bread is my go-to snack if I’m at any of Boise’s best coffee shops or bakeries. It’s a great companion to any caramel or pumpkin spice latte.

5 ½) Hungry yet?

If reading this article has made you so hungry you need to eat right this instant, check out our other articles on the best food hubs in Boise and eating on a budget. And be sure to follow @boisestatestudentlife on Instagram while you’re at it to stay up to date on all things student life!

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