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5 ½ Things Broncos are Thankful for 

November is national gratitude month so what better time to reflect on what you’re grateful for than now? We asked what Broncos are thankful for on the Boise State Student Life Instagram (which you should go follow if you haven’t already) and here’s 5 ½ of the most popular responses.

1) Family and Friends

Having community is good for the soul. College is the time to meet all kinds of people and find genuine friends who make you a better person. If you’ve been away from your family for a while, homesickness might be setting in this close to break and the end of semester. Take a moment to show your gratitude to your loved ones. It could be as simple as a text or hug.

2) Pets

Whether you’re missing your pet at home or have one in college, furry friends hold a special place in our hearts. Having a pet relieves stress and brings joy (and sometimes frustration from cleaning up their messes) to your life. I don’t know what I’d do without my cats during the long winter months, so give your animals an extra squeeze next time you see them.

3) Significant others

Cold weather means “cuffing season”. Nothing says winter romance like cuddling in sweaters with hot cocoa while it’s snowing. Treat your significant other with some extra love and tell them how grateful you are for them. Here’s a simple thing you can do: give your partner their favorite snack and say the words “I’m grateful for you because…” Show yourself some love too. Go on a little self date and do your favorite activities or treat yourself with good food or a present.

4) Jobs and co-workers

Working on top of being a student is tough, but having a supportive boss and fun co-workers makes all the difference. You can have your own little community in your workplace. Interested in working? Check out the career center for resources to help you find a job or see what jobs are posted right now on Handshake.

5) Financial aid

Getting funding for school is a huge gift to be grateful for. It can take so much pressure off of your plate when you’re able to get loans, scholarships, and/or grants. This gift can be yours too. Don’t forget to apply for FAFSA and look at scholarships and pay attention to all the deadlines.

5 ½) That it’s already snowing

This first snow during November is so lovely that everyone’s been posting about it and whipping out their skis and boots, but it’d be nice to give fall its moment. I have a love-hate relationship with snow. Walking to class in the wet snow last week wasn’t my favorite, but this snowman made it better.

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