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5 1/2 Things for New Year’s Resolution Goals

Inauguration Week, Student Celebration, Quad, Photo by Madison Park

We’re nearing the end of January, people! And if you haven’t set your new year’s resolutions just yet, there’s still lots of time. Here are some awesome (and realistic) ideas/goals you can take with you throughout 2023.

1) Get your body movin’

After a long winter, a lot of us are feeling cooped up. Personally, I’m trying to get outdoors more. So, if you’re also wanting to find a reason to move your body more, think about visiting The Rec, taking a BroncoFit class, or setting a goal to try a new outdoor activity each season. Idaho has so many to offer.

2) Focus on your happiness

When we look back at 2023, we want to feel like we enjoyed it. That’s why I think prioritizing mental health and happiness is such a good idea. Another thing I’m doing this year is saying “yes” to more things that make me excited, even if I’m a little nervous to try them. I know things like travel, delicious food, meeting new people, and self care makes me happy. So, I’ll be setting aside time this year to do all of these things.

3) Get organized and learn how to set achievable goals

Okay, this feels kind of meta, right? We’re setting goals to “set goals”? But think about this, if you’re like me and you feel like you start the year with so many things you want to get done, and then all of a sudden it’s December and you didn’t check the things off of your list that you wanted to, it’s probably not because you’re unmotivated; you might be biting off more than you can chew. Take a big goal (like getting a 3.5 or higher GPA) and break it down into actionable steps you can take throughout the year to achieve this goal. Then, just make sure you prioritize your mini goals (maybe like: studying “x” number of times per week, getting tutoring when you need to, and asking your professor for help if you need it) and you’ve got it in the bag.

4) Try a new hobby, skill, or other challenge

We’ve always wanted to try (blank), but we’ve been too scared to. Well, not this year. Now is a great time to try a new art form, pick up a new talent or skill, or try out something that is way out of the box for you. Who knows maybe you’ll end the year as a home chef, etsy shop owner, or inspirational speaker. You don’t know until you try!

5) Set your own personal record

I’m a big fan of books. Love to read, but I never set aside time to do it. I also love cooking and baking, but have been slacking on that too the last few months. My tip for you is to set a goal of reading 10 books this year or to cook 30 new recipes or maybe to walk 50 miles on the Greenbelt in 2023—take stuff that you know you enjoy and put a goal at the finish line. I highly suggest giving yourself a prize when you achieve it too.

5 ½) Enjoy being a Bronco

Yeah, it’s super cool to tick off all the boxes you wanted this year, but don’t forget to just stop and smell the roses and enjoy the moment too, Broncos.

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