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5 1/2 Things To Help Your Neighbor

Rake laying on a pile of leaves

Holiday season is in the air. We’re all ready for a week-long break from classes and studies, and it’s a great time to find ways to give back to our neighbors and community. Here are some ways you can spread kindness and good will this time of year:

1) Rake Up Boise

Rake Up Boise is a city-wide initiative that Boise State is happy to participate in. Set up a team of up to 6 volunteers and rake up the yards of seniors and people with disabilities living in the area.

2) Donate to a Food Pantry

Food insecurity is an especially big deal this time of year. If you’re able, throw an extra box of pasta, cereal or granola bars into your basket the next time you go shopping, and pass it along to the Campus Food Pantry, St. Vincent de Paul food pantry or Idaho Foodbank. And if that’s not in your budget, you can host a food drive and help others share some kindness this season.

3) Interfaith Sanctuary

Your service at the Interfaith Sanctuary can be anything from greeting guests, answering phones, or organizing a supply drive. The main thing is to provide practical services to help folks transition out of homelessness. Here are the ways you can help Interfaith Sanctuary.

4) Boise Bicycle Project

Volunteers are essential at Boise Bicycle Project. Picture yourself helping out with projects, events, or helping put together a bike. This local nonprofit values the volunteer efforts made by members of the community like you. Read how to volunteer at Boise Bicycle Project.

5) Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House keeps families of sick children together while giving them a place to rest and refresh. Interested in cooking, baking or helping keep the home nice and tidy? Sign up to volunteer and help out. If you’re crafty, you can knit hats, scarves, or blankets for babies or even make birthday cards and thank you notes.

5 1/2)

child stuck in toilet. sometimes we could all use a little help.

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