Student Financial Services

Assist students in understanding their educational costs and to make smart financial decisions for college education. Support the campus community by processing student account transactions and department deposits.

How does Student Financial Services support Campus?


    • Assist students with past due balances and holds on accounts
    • Provide financial wellness education
    • Offer training to campus for preparing and submitting Department Deposits


      • Receive and process payments for tuition and fees
      • Provide 1098-T tax forms
      • Process department deposits
      • Process department charge and credit uploads
      • Clean up and maintain student accounts
      • Maintain Marketplace Upay/Ustore

Office Hours: Monday – Friday,
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Mountain Time.

What’s New

Direct Deposit

Now is a great time to enroll in Direct Deposit! This allows students to receive refunds remotely with no need to wait on checks by mail. View instructions to set it up

Cash Class – Group Sessions

Request an expert to deliver structured presentations on preferred topics

  • Create A Spending Plan
  • Develop A Money Strategy
  • Attack Your Debt
  • Understand And Handle Student Loans
  • Build Credit And Use It Wisely
  • Negotiate Income
  • Effectively Use Financial Aid
  • Understand Banking Basics
  • Plan For Retirement
  • Define Your Financial Goals/Vision

Request Cash Class Presentation

FIT – Financial Intelligence Training

One-on-one confidential guidance and support related to personal finance matters

  • Review the management of your student account
  • Use of student loans and scholarships
  • Basic money skills including money personality, financial goal setting,
    developing a spending plan (budgeting), and building credit.

Financial Intelligence Training