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Party Safe Strategies

Not all Boise State students choose to drink. Over half of Boise State students did not drink alcohol in the last two weeks when surveyed in Spring 2023 (National College Health Assessment, 2023). Over 8 in 10 students chose to have 4 or fewer drinks the last time they drank as reported by that same survey.  For students who do choose to drink, there are things that you can do that make drinking less risky for yourself and Party Smart! Check out the resources below to learn some different strategies to party smarter and keep yourself and your friends safe!

How to Party Smart:

Partying Smart means that you recognize the risks involved when drinking and you make choices that make drinking a less risky choice for you. Chances are, you are already doing some of the things on this list!

  • Eat a meal and drink water before you go out
  • Choose how much you want to drink during the night and stick to that limit
  • Choose a designated driver or download a rideshare app on your phone
  • Pour your own drinks or bring your own drinks
  • Count your drinks (you can text yourself, mark your hand with a sharpie to keep track)
  • Don’t drink out of a punchbowl because there’s no way to know how much you’re drinking
  • Avoid drinking games when possible
  • Don’t pressure others to drink
  • Leave the party with the same people you came with
  • Bring safer sex products
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged in advance
  • Share your location with friends and roommates
Is it Alcohol Overdose?

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

Check PUBS symptoms

  • Puking while passed out
  • Unresponsive to pinching/shaking
  • Breathing is irregular, slow, shallow or has stopped
  • Skin is blue, cold, or clammy
  • See one? Call 911!
  • *Unsure Call Poison Control 1-800-222-1222
Amnesty Protocol

When to Call 911!

If someone has ANY of these warning signs after consuming alcohol, call 911. 

Broncos Act:

Broncos Act was created in partnership with the JED Campus initiative to encourage students to seek help for medical issues related to alcohol and drug consumption. Broncos Act is in place to address situations that may involve illegal activities, such as underage drinking and/or drug use, BUT also involve help seeking behavior(s) for those in need of medical assistance. It is our belief that students who seek help for themselves and/or others should be able to do so without having to worry about “getting in trouble” with the University. Simply put, Broncos Act is Boise State University’s amnesty protocol.

Learn more about Broncos Act and when it applies here.

What NOT to do to when partying:

  • Choose to drive drunk or getting in the car with a drunk or buzzed driver
  • Pressure someone into drinking
  • Drink on an empty stomach
  • Drink too much too fast
  • Leave the house with no safer sex supplies
  • Drink out of the communal bowl
  • Go out without a buddy
  • Continue to drink even when you feel sick
  • Leave the party with someone you didn’t come with
  • Not let your friends or roommate know where you are

Find Your Sweet Spot

If you do choose to drink, remember that alcohol is a depressant. The more you drink, the worse you will feel. If you drink above a .06 BAC you are more likely to experience harmful consequences of alcohol such as anxiety, loss of good judgment, or nausea, find your sweet spot and keep it in the green!

BAC Calculator

Safety in Moderation

Keep It in the Green

  • 0.02 – 0.03 = No loss of coordination; slight euphoria; loss of shyness
  • 0.04 – 0.06 = Feeling of relaxation; lower inhibitions; some minor impairment of erasing and memory; lower of cautions

Be Careful of the Yellow

  • 0.07 – 0.09 = Slight impairment of balance, speech and reaction time; judgement reduced; reason impaired
  • 0.10 – 0.12 = Significant impairment or motor coordination and loss of good judgement; slurred speech; balance and reaction time impaired
  • 0.13 – 0.15 = Gross motor impairment and lack of physical control; blurred vision; loss of balance; anxiety; judgement and precaution severely impaired.
  • 0.16 – 0.19 = Nausea and more anxiety; appears as “sloppy drunk”
  • 0.20 – 0.24 = Disoriented; needs help to stand and walk; nausea and vomiting; blackouts likely

Keep it Out of the Red

  • 0.25-0.29 = Mental, physical and sensory function severely impaired; risk of serious injury
  • 0.30-0.34 = Stupor; little comprehension; may pass out and be difficult to awaken
  • 0.35+ = Coma and/or possible death

Standard Drink Sizes

  • 12 ounces = 1 standard drink of beer 
  • 5 ounces = 1 standard drink of wine 
  • 1.5 ounces = 1 standard drink of liquor 

Each standard drink contains about the same amount of “pure” alcohol or Ethanol, about 1.2 tablespoons.

In order to stay in your sweet spot and reduce drinking related consequences, aim to drink 1 drink per hour or less.

Alcohol Resources

Campus Security: (208) 426-6911