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Bilingual Bronco: Claire Oberg

  • How has learning ASL impacted your view on the Deaf community? 

I now understand just how impactful the Deaf community is. Before I thought community was being used loosely, and now I understand that the Deaf community is what makes the language and the culture.

  • How do you think ASL will benefit you in the future?

With my future in education, right now I’m looking more at special education, so ASL can become a big part of that career. I’m hoping to also intern at a Deaf school.

  • Why would you recommend the ASL program?

It provides individuals with an in depth look at Deaf culture and an understanding of a very visual language.

  • What surprised you the most about learning ASL?

I was thoroughly surprised at how strong the language is and how descriptive it is.

  • What advice do you have for incoming perspective ASL students?

RELAX! This is going to seem hard and frustrating at first. Don’t expect to get it instantly, be comfortable with your peers and be engaged. Always ask questions, your professor wants to answer and it won’t make you look stupid!