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Bilingual Bronco: Noah Faude

I have no idea why I wanted to learn Spanish in the first place, I just did. Where I grew up in my hometown in north Idaho the earliest foreign language was available, was as a freshman in high school. From there I studied Spanish for 3 years, struggling the entire time. Growing up in a small Idaho town does not give many opportunities to use newly acquired language skills. I was fortunate enough as a sophomore to take a trip to Nicaragua where I was able to use my Spanish for the first time. This trip opened my eyes to how useful the ability to speak a foreign language can be.  From there it was settled, I wanted Spanish to be a part of my life. So, I made it so. Once in college, I started fresh at the base levels of Spanish and worked my way up. This decision was the best decision I have ever made. Throughout my years of taking Spanish here at Boise State I have had many professors, all wonderful. Most specifically I would like to point out a professor by the name of Letty Fenner.

Letty truly took me under her wing and spurred me on to continue this passion of mine even though many times I struggled. Because of her effort in me, the following school year I decided I wanted to study abroad to focus on Spanish. I went to Bilbao, Spain. A place I had never heard of in a country I had never been to. While in Spain, Spanish was drilled into my head and I gleefully welcomed it. Experiencing Spain and the difference in lifestyles and language compared to what I was used to changed me forever. When I first started my Spanish journey there was little to no thought of what it might become but through the beautiful Spanish language I have met some of the best people in my life, I have partook in life changing experiences, and without a doubt become a better more well-rounded person. Today is May 8th, 2019 my last day of school, most likely ever. And a fitting last day it is I am ending 17 years of schooling with a Spanish test on my final day. From here I am graduating and this coming August I have pledged myself to the Peace Corps where I will be going to live in the Dominican Republic for 2 years. I knew my use of Spanish was not going to come to end with school and am hopeful this is the start of a life long journey with the Spanish language woven into the core of my purpose.