Call for Proposals: Pathways OER Lead Teacher Projects for Fall 2019


The Pathways OER Team is looking to hire a “Lead Teacher” for a short-term project in the following languages: ASL, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish. Responsibilities vary per language, but may include creating or editing activities. In addition, you must schedule two video-recorded classroom visits in November where you implement an activity from Pathways and are willing to share it on the Pathways site (approval from West Ada, Boise and SAGE school districts and BSU already granted).

Application is due by end of day, August 30th

Time commitment: 8-10 hours; must be completed by October 15th.

Stipend: $250

Minimum Requirements:  

  • Willingness to share materials and expertise on OER repository
  • Actively teaches the target language and maintains ties with target culture in some capacity
  • Open to feedback and working collaboratively

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Attended 2019 OER Institute at Boise State

To Apply:

Please complete the following form by 11:59pm, August 30th:

Pathways Lead Teacher Application for Fall 2019

Please excuse the mass announcement to instructors outside the scope of ASL, Japanese, French, German and Spanish. We received an OER grant from Boise State University but due to limited funding, selected these languages for this round due to critical need. We are optimistic that we’ll be able to expand opportunities to instructors of other languages in the future.