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German Minor, Chloe Pampush, Creates Inspirational Language Learning Video

Fall 2019

Inspirational Language Learning Video

This goal with my video is to encourage or inspire students to pursue learning a second language by showing them experiences from current Boise State language students. Through interviews I was able to gather authentic and inspirational content from advanced language learners and document their experiences, troubles, and advice for learning another language. I hope to distribute this video through the Boise State website and to high school and college language classes so that I can reach a broad audience of potential language students!


“It impacted my life in a lot of ways.

I think that learning a second language has impacted me through who I’m able to communicate with but it also has impacted me of what I’m able to do in the future but then also how I’m able to like structure my own classes and in meeting different people.  I’ve made friends from all over the world. I’ve also made friends from all over the United States who are studying the same language I have, and it’s also given me the opportunity to you know, plan travel to places and know that I’ll be able to navigate things and I’ve just learned a lot more things about the world being able to speak another language.

I’ve stuck with it this whole time strictly because I just love it so much I my freshman year of high school I found kind of my niche in it and found that I was picking it up really quickly and easily and when it comes to a language like American Sign Language it’s more of an art so once you pick it up it flows and I’ve just been able to keep that throughout and it’s addicting to do.

A huge part of it has to do with the teacher and the people in the in the class so German was the first language I started taking Latin was the second one and I’ve stuck with Latin because I I felt a connection to the teacher and the students in Latin that I hadn’t felt with a lot of other classes.

My advice for someone wanting to learn a second language or just for you to keep trying it’s gonna be hard especially at the beginning and it’s gonna feel frustrating because you’re already fluent in a language so why try to learn in a different language but I definitely say just keep going and reach out to people who already know and who can help you.

The advice I would give to someone wanting to learn a second language is to seek out resources outside of the classroom find videos and movies and TV shows in the language or music just something to connect them with the language outside of their textbook.

I think the advice I would give would just be to continue and if you’re not passionate about it try a different language like I know multiple people who have started with Spanish and then they get to the college level and switch to things like German or ASL or different languages and I think that is something that you can do too.

Not only do the work that you’re asked to do when taking a class but maybe do a little bit extra that you find interesting and that rewards you personally

Keep your mind open it’s gonna be hard but when you’re first learning another language you’re gonna you’re gonna feel like you are running into a wall like you you’re not at the point where you should be because you have people around you who are so much better than you are but time will tell and if you keep up with it and you merge yourself in the communities that around you and the different groups and clubs and like I said organizations that you have in the area and you put in the time and the work and actually care about it you will you will succeed.

I would 100% recommend learning another language to anybody!

I would absolutely recommend learning another language!

Yes I strongly recommend anyone to learn any language that they’re interested in I think it opens up your view of the world I think it opens up your ideas that you’re able to have and also how to communicate effectively because any language that you’re learning when you’re learning and then once you’re fluent you have to figure out how do I convey my point to someone who doesn’t know or how do I convey my point if I don’t know really how to translate it and so it kind of gives you this new breadth of knowledge of how to communicate with people.

I think it sets you apart when it comes to interviews when it comes to applications everything like that.

Regardless of what the language is you’ll learn so much about yourself and other people and the language itself and the culture and I I think that there’s I’ve never regretted taking a foreign language class even if it was kind of painful or less little less than fun it’s always been worth it in the end.

Absolutely I would recommend that to anyone who thinks they know any speak so just learn a language if only to put yourself in the position of an absolute beginner

The reason why I’d recommend learning another language is not simply I’m not saying learn ASL because it’s the greatest single driver I have not learned another language as I said but having the foundation and understanding different cultures and different aspects and views on different situations any life in general it’s a door that you should keep open because there’s a lot to learn and you might find something that you really love and want to perceive the rest of your life.”


About the Author

Chloe Pampush is a senior in the Graphic Design program at Boise State. She previously participated in the Pathways Project creating intercultural icons, but chose to do a video project this semester to work on her skills in a new area.