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Pathways Project Co-Directors Kelly Arispe and Amber Hoye Host OER Lunch & Learn Series Webinar

Pathways Project co-directors Kelly Arispe and Amber Hoye hosted a showcase of the Pathways Project on September 24th for the Boise State community and others interested in learning more about the work being done at Boise State.

View “Pathways Project Showcase” Webinar Recording (Closed Captioned)

Webinar Description:
The Pathways Project hosts a collection of over 450 classroom activities across 10 different languages, all collaboratively created by Idaho world language students and teachers. In this workshop, we’ll explore how we’ve used OER Commons to host these ancillary materials, our partnership with world language students and teachers, and share some lessons we’ve learned along the way!  Participants will gain an understanding of the features of OER Commons, ideas for co-creating with students, and an understanding of resources available to K-16 language instructors.