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Help Us Spread the Word! Pathways Project Promotional Poster

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Excited about the resources offered by the Pathways Project? Please help us spread the word!

Here is the poster text for accessibility purposes:

Boise State University

The Pathways Project

The Pathways Project, an initiative from the Boise State University Department of World Languages, is a collaborative network of open educational resources (OER) that hosts a collection of over 450 classroom activities across 10 different languages. The Pathways Project aims to connect teachers and students across the state of Idaho and beyond, in order to provide K-16 language instructors with high quality resources to further and enhance student learning.

Resources for Instructors

  • Interpersonal speaking activities (OER Language Teaching Repository)
    • Communicative 30 minute activities
    • English versions available for remixing
      Created by upper division language students in collaboration with Idaho K-16 language instructors
    • Inspirational language learning video to encourage
      students to go on with their language studies

Resources for Students

  • Guides for studying abroad
  • Online resources for language learning outside the classroom
  • And much more!

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