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Ziortza Gandarias Beldarrain publishes articles in two books

Portrait of Ziortza Gandarias

Ziortza Gandarias Beldarrain, assistant professor from the Basque Studies program in the Department of World Languages, recently published articles in two books.

The Center for Basque Studies Press published “Basque Women in Exile: Remembering their Voices and Impact in Literature through the Cultural Magazine Euzko-Gogoa” in the book Memory and Emotion: Basque Women’s Stories, which highlights the masculinizing ethics of traditional Basque nationalism and the neglect of many female Basque nationalist writers and activists who were pivotal in the cultural movement under the dictatorial regime of Francisco Franco (1939-1975).

A second article, “Jokin Zaitegi: Erbestetik Euskal Komunitate Irudikatua Eraikitzen (Jokin Zaitegi: Building the Basque Imagined Community from the Exile),” written in Basque, was published in the book “Exilio y Humanidades. Rutas de la Cultura (Exile and Humanities. The Roads of the Culture),” which analyzes the importance of place, more concretely Guatemala, where the Basque culture found the perfect space to grow and build their imagined community in the 1950’s. The article states that exile became a fundamental pillar of the modernization and development of the Basque culture and literature.