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Call for Papers: 2nd Boise State Department of World Languages Conference on Cultural Studies

September 14-17, 2023

TRANSLATION: Wor(l)ds in Other Wor(l)ds

translation wo(l)ds in other wor(l)ds

Call for Papers
The second Boise State University World Languages International Conference on Cultural Studies, jointly organized with the Center of Basque Studies (UNR), seeks to address the issues of Translation both as a practice and as an object of scholarly inquiry and create a dialogue between translation studies and other areas of cultural studies. The organizers welcome papers reflecting on the link between translation in disciplines such as literature, linguistics, critical theories, sociology, history, ethics, global studies, and technology, among others. The conference invites academics and practitioners to share and discuss innovative ways in which translation can contribute to intercultural understanding.

The conference will be of interest to readers of translated literature, minority language translators working in the Anglophone market, translation-policy makers, and writers looking to internationalize their literary production. Of interest, in short, to anyone who loves books, cultural exchanges, and translation. The experience of Basque translators will be central to the conference.

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