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Two Boise State Korean Students Participate in Quiz on Korea

Quiz on Korea Poster
Students headed to participate in the Quiz
Photo: (from left) Danielle Ali, Chithkala Dhulipati, Jason Herbeck (Chair of Department of World Languages), Kyungho Park (Korean Consul in Seattle)

Two Korean program students, Danielle Ali and Chithkala Dhulipati, are participating in “Quiz on Korea” for North America-Seattle Region Qualifier and will represent the Boise State Korean Program. The Korean Consulate General in Seattle hosts the event, which will occur on May 27 at the University of Washington. It is hosted by the Korean Broadcasting System in collaboration with the Center for Korean Studies of the University of Washington.

The <2023 Quiz on Korea -North America-Seattle Regional Qualifier> is a quiz contest for Korean language learners in the Northwest region in the United States. The Korean Consulate General in Seattle and Korean Program awarded Ali and Dhulipati $1,400 to support their travel.