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Professor Nere Lete invited to participate in the Basque Cultural Day event Euskal Andreen Egintza Ameriketan

Euskal Andreen Egintza Amerikan- the impact of Basque women in AmericaThe Impact of Basque Women in America) organized by BEO (Basque Educational Organization

The BEO every year organizes a series of presentations on a select topic to celebrate the Basque Cultural Day. This year’s theme was Euskal Andreen Egintza Amerikan, The Impact of Basque Women in America. Professor Lete was invited to participate in the panel discussion: Today’s Basque Women Leaders and Their Impact on Basque Communities. Professor Lete discussed the importance of Basque Women leaders focusing on their stronger social commitment and participatory leadership. She herself is an example of a great leader. In fact, she played a pivotal role in establishing, maintaining, and promoting culture and language in Boise State University since the establishment of the Basque Studies Program in 2005. Lete also talked about her work as a translator. Lete is a renowned translator, she is one of the few Basque translators that translates from Basque into English. Her contribution to the Basque Community, Basque Studies and Literature was highly appreciated and valued at the conference.