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Abby Cain WLRC Video Transcript

Hi Everyone. My name is Abby Cain and I am graduating from Boise State this semester May 2020 in Spanish secondary education. I was lucky enough to work at the W LRC from my second semester of my freshman year all the way until student teaching last semester so I have had an amazing experience and I want to share that with you all. To begin with there are some of the most incredible people who work for the Department of world languages on the left of the screen is Dr. Kelly Arispe on the right and Amber Hoye both of these women have mentored me throughout my college experience and I’m so grateful for them. Amber is the Director of the world languages Resource Center or the W LRC and she is an awesome boss she cares a lot about creating a positive work environment and she’s also incredibly knowledgeable. Speaking of the work environment at the W LRC it is such a fun and positive environment there are bright colors and bright people who make every day and every shift so much fun in fact after I stopped working there I would often frequent when I was on campus just to say hi to some of my closest friends here’s a picture of me and my friend Emily she’s on the Left Emily is now a French teacher here in the valley and we both went through the same program and worked at the WLRC. The WLRCwas great preparation for us to be teachers however the majority of employees actually aren’t an education program so if you’re interested in languages at all this would be an amazing opportunity for you no matter your major. From Secret Santa gift exchanges to baby showers and end-of-the-year parties and celebrations the group of people that work at the WLRC has an amazing camaraderie that’s formed every day at work. Though I’ve talked a lot about the relationships formed at the WLRC the actual work is amazing and really fun and rewarding as well from creating open educational resources and leading conversation labs or even running the social media there are so many options I can’t even keep track. Working at the WLRC throughout my college experience was definitely one of the most rewarding experiences and opportunities I was given. I recommend that you apply if you’re interested. Adios and have a great rest of the semester.