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Academic Probation

The Academic Development and Recovery team is here to help you through the academic probation process. Being on academic probation may seem like a setback, but it can also be an opportunity to grow as a student and connect to resources and campus support.

How do I get my Probation Advising Required hold removed?

All students on academic probation for the first time at Boise State are required to complete the Bronco Rebound workshop in order to have their Probation Advising Required hold removed from their Student Center. There is no deadline for completing Bronco Rebound, however, students will be unable to register for future semesters until it’s completed.

What is Bronco Rebound?

Bronco Rebound is a self-paced online workshop through Canvas with content focused on helping students on probation for the first time be more successful academically. The course covers topics that students on academic probation generally struggle with, such as time management, mindset, goal setting, decision making, and utilizing campus resources. Each module includes a variety of activities to assist students comprehension of past behavior(s) and to inform changes to be more successful in the future.

Probation and Dismissal Policy

There are two grade-point-average (GPA) calculations to understand: (1) cumulative GPA and (2) Boise State GPA. The cumulative GPA accounts for all transfer and Boise State credits attempted and earned. The Boise State GPA only accounts for credits attempted and earned at Boise State University.

Academic Standing

Academic standing is determined by your Boise State GPA. However, both Boise State and transfer credits determine the number of credits completed. The table Cumulative Credits and Minimum GPA Table details the requirements.

Cumulative Credits and Minimum GPA Table

Cumulative Credits Earned Minimum Boise State GPA
0-25 1.75
26 or more 2.00

Academic standing is determined at the end of each semester. If a student fails to maintain the minimum Boise State GPA shown in the table above, they will be placed on probation and will receive a notification letter from the Registrar’s Office. At the end of the student’s next semester at Boise State, the Registrar’s Office will review the student’s record and take one of the following actions:

  1. A student is removed from academic probation if their Boise State GPA is at or above the minimum specified in the table above.
  2. A student is on continued academic probation if their Boise State GPA is below the minimum specified in the above table but their semester GPA is 2.0 or higher.
  3. A student is dismissed from the university if their Boise State GPA is below the minimum specified in the table above and their semester GPA is also below 2.0.

Students who are on academic probation and do not demonstrate improvement in their academic performance will be dismissed from the university. Dismissed students will not be able to enroll at Boise State for the following time periods before seeking reinstatement:

  • 1st Dismissal: One semester (fall or spring)
  • 2nd Dismissal: One full year (fall, spring, and summer semesters)
  • 3rd Dismissal: No reinstatement

If you have questions or concerns about academic probation or the Bronco Rebound requirement, please contact or call the AASC at 208-426-4049.