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Academic Dismissal and Reinstatement

The Academic Development and Recovery team can help you understand the dismissal policy, talk through your options, and review next steps. Being academically dismissed from Boise State may seem like a setback, but it can also be an opportunity to grow as an individual. Following a dismissal, you have a few options, which are outlined below.

Dismissed students will not be able to enroll at Boise State for the following time periods before seeking reinstatement:

1st Dismissal: One semester (fall or spring)

2nd Dismissal: One full year (fall, spring, and summer)

3rd Dismissal: No reinstatement

You can find more detailed information about reinstatement, including important deadlines, by clicking on the tiles below.

Dismissal Period Options

You are welcome to continue your studies at other colleges and universities during your dismissal period. The College of Western Idaho (CWI) is a good option in the Treasure Valley. If you have questions about attending CWI, reach out to CWI One Stop Student Services. Please be aware that if you attend other colleges or universities during your dismissal from Boise State, you will need to have an overall 2.25 GPA on credits completed post-dismissal to be eligible for readmission.

Students also choose to engage in other meaningful activities such as working, service work, job shadowing, and prioritizing their mental and physical health. Taking time away from school to focus on these can be incredibly beneficial for students to be more successful when they return to Boise State.