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Complete Withdrawal

Students can withdrawal from all of their classes before the drop deadline on their Student Center. Refer to the Academic Calendar to find the drop deadlines.  It is highly encouraged that students reach out to Financial Aid and their academic advisor prior to dropping all courses as there can be academic and financial aid implications to dropping all your courses. 

Appeal for Withdrawal

If you would like to appeal for a complete withdrawal after the drop deadline, or from a previous semester, follow these steps.

1. Complete the Academic Appeals Form

Download and print out the Academic Appeals Form (PDF): Fill out information by typing in the PDF, or in black or dark blue ink only. If you would like to appeal to have the fees you paid refunded to you, check the box under Complete Withdrawal that states Forward to Fees Appeal Committee for consideration. More information on fees appeals can be found here.

2. Write Letter

Write a letter to the Academic Appeals Committee (one page, single or double spaced, typed) that includes the following:

  • Date and student ID number
  • State what you are requesting (immediate/early reinstatement)
  • Describe any extenuating circumstances and how they affected you and your academics
  • Explain how those circumstances have been resolved or are being resolved
  • Conclude with a brief statement of your academic goals and plans
  • Signature

3. Include Documentation

Include any documentation that relates to the circumstances you discussed in your letter. While not required, it is highly encouraged to include documentation if you have it.

  • Proof of doctor’s visit, hospital stays, etc. with dates
  • Death certificate or obituary
  • Police reports
  • Letter from doctor, counselor, or lawyer on official letterhead
  • Military orders

4. Submit Appeal

Completed appeals can be turned into the Office of the Registrar, Administration Building Room 110 or