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Navigating Your First Semester

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Welcome to Boise State! We are so glad you have chosen to be part of this community and our goal is to provide you with knowledge that will positively impact your first semester.

Below are skills, resources, and knowledge that will help you navigate your first semester at Boise State University.  If you have any questions or cannot find what you are looking for, please reach out to or (208) 426-4049.

Before Your First Semester

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New Student Programs

Making the decision to join our Bronco community is significant and New Student Programs creates an experience where you will be welcomed and prepared to begin this new journey. There is invaluable information during this experience that will help you understand transitioning to the university, registering for classes, getting connected with other students, and understanding all of the resources available to support you. Follow the links below for more information:

Prepare for Orientation

Sign-up for Orientation

Bronco Ready

This is a course that all incoming students are invited to participate in and after completion students earn 1 FREE Credit that will apply towards their graduation goals. Through this course you will learn how to navigate college life, areas of life to focus on as you begin your college career, and resources to help you live a full life here at Boise State.  You can find Bronco Ready in your Canvas after completing New Student Orientation. Didn’t attend orientation? That’s okay, keep an eye on your email around the third week of classes to participate

Understanding Your Class Schedule

After you register for classes, an important skill to have is knowing how to read and understand your course schedule. First, here is a helpful link that shows you how to print your class schedule and how to view your schedule online. Whether you print out your schedule or create your own schedule, use this Print my class schedule guide to get you there.

As you learn to understand your class schedule, below we have provided a brief description on how to read the different parts and acronyms for your classes:

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  1. COURSE SUBJECT, NUMBERING SYSTEM, AND COURSE SECTION: This indicates the department or academic unit offering the course, the number system (i.e. 100–199 freshman-level courses, 200–299 sophomore-level courses, etc.), and the course section (some courses have multiple sections of the same class).
  2. CLASS COMPONENTS AND CLASS NUMBER: This indicates the components of the class (i.e. LEC = Lecture, LAB = Laboratory) and the specific class number.
  3. COURSE SCHEDULE: Here the day of the week and the time of the course schedule are listed.
  4. CLASS LOCATION: This will provide you where the class is located and be sure to check out our campus map to know where you are going (more information below).
  5. MODE OF INSTRUCTION/CLASS TYPE: This indicates the format of your class, whether that be online, in-person, remote, hybrid, and more. Learn more about the different mode of instructions here.

Starting Your First Semester

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Getting Around Boise State University

Need help getting around and finding your classes? It is always recommended that you take a tour around campus before classes start to familiarize yourself with where the buildings are and the time it takes to get to where you are going. To help you with this, check out the different campus maps below.

Boise State campus map with shuttle tracker

Here is an awesome 3D interactive map that will allow you to view every part of the university so you can know where you’re going. Click on the map to learn more!

Required Advising

All new and transfer students are required to meet with an academic advisor prior to enrolling in second-semester classes. The purpose of Required Advising Holds (RAD) is for students to talk with their advisors about how the transition to Boise State is going and discuss academic goals, degree planning, and more. To learn more about this process, visit the RAD page.

If you are unsure of who your is advisor, then be sure to visit View My Academic Advisor in Student Center.

Important Information To Know

Add a Class

Before the semester begins and after you have been given permission, you have the ability to begin adding classes to your schedule on your myBoiseState. It is important that you consult with your advisor to ensure you are adding the appropriate classes needed for the upcoming semester.

You may continue to add classes after the first day of classroom instruction up until the last date to register or waitlist without a permission number as listed on the semester academic calendar. Just be aware that you are not able to freely add classes after a certain point, so please consult with your advisor to learn more.

For more information on adding classes, please visit the Office of the Registrar – Adding Classes.

Dropping a Class

Once you have begun adding classes, sometimes things change and adjustments will need to be made to your schedule. Dropping a class is a simple process and can be done before the tenth day of the semester; please see the Academic Calendar for exact deadline for tenth day.

If students drop a regular-session class before the tenth day of the semester, the class will not appear on their transcript. However, if they drop a regular-session class after the tenth day, their transcript will show a grade of W (withdrawal) for that class. Be sure to consult with your advisor around this process to ensure you are following the correct process.

For more information on dropping classes, please visit the Office of the Registrar – Dropping Classes.

Withdraw from a Class

If a regular-session class after the tenth day of the semester is dropped, the class grade will show up on your transcript as a W (withdrawal). Grades of W will not be used in GPA calculation and it is important to understand how many W’s you can have.

Students may accrue up to ten (10) withdrawals for a baccalaureate degree and up to five (5) for an associate degree. Any “W’s” received in an associate degree program count toward the 10 allowed for the baccalaureate degree program. Once a student has exhausted the number of “W’s” allowed, the student may be removed from their major.

This withdrawal process is specifically around withdrawing from a class, this is not referring to withdrawing from the university. Please consult with your advisor around withdrawing from classes.

Financial Aid and Academic Deadlines

It’s important to stay on top of important deadlines and information as the semester starts.  For more information, please visit the Financial Aid Dates and Deadlines and the Academic Calendar Dates and Deadlines.

Throughout your First Semester

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Student Lingo

Boise State students have access to a series of free, interactive modules designed to explore several aspects of being a successful student. These modules help you reflect more about your experiences, provide insights to areas that can be challenging, and give awesome advice, tips, and tricks to help you throughout your time at Boise State. Visit the Boise State StudentLingo page, create an account, and begin advancing toward your academic goals.

Learning Assistants and Tutoring

Boise State offers in-person tutoring and learning assistant sessions as well as online tutoring for a variety of subjects. These are amazing resources to use when navigating your first semester and they are designed to help students with some of the most difficult courses out there. Click here to check out what they have to offer and to sign up!

Academic Coaching and Development

Entering into a new semester means there are new challenges that we are faced with but with every challenge there are ways to overcome them. We have a team of professional staff who are here to support you in your academic goals and are trained to offer a variety of strategies to approach academic challenges.  If you are interested in this amazing opportunity to meet one-on-one with our staff, click here to schedule an appointment.

Other Resources on Campus

Dean of Students

Resources around COVID, around food assistance, financial needs, legal assistance, and more.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services helps you deal more effectively with concerns that impact your pursuit of personal and academic goals.

Student Equity Resources

The Student Equity team works to make campus welcoming and effective for students from traditionally under-represented minority groups.

Educational Access Center

Here to coordinate accommodations based on your needs.

Student Involvement and Leadership

Learn about ways to get involved on campus and make an impact.

Campus Recreation

Building an engaged community that encourages healthy, active people and enhances student success.

Career Services

We are here to help you with your career planning needs, and we have a variety of in-person and online services available.

We Are Here to Help!

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