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Sydney Montgomery & Madeleine Gregg, 2023 Innovation Award Finalists

Cultivating a Culture of Giving: The Student Philanthropy Board at Boise State University

Boise State University’s Student Philanthropy Board, spearheaded by Sydney Montgomery and Madeline Gregg, aims to cultivate a culture of giving among the university’s student body. This initiative introduces the concept of philanthropy and university philanthropic support to students, empowering them to lead major university programs. The Student Philanthropy Board also encourages Broncos to increase their involvement in activities that promote their affinity and spirit for Boise State. The Student Philanthropy Board Grant Program, a point of pride for the initiative, seeks to facilitate positive student engagement by providing funding to a wide variety of student-led philanthropic initiatives that positively impact the University. Each year, $25,000 in grant money is awarded to support the philanthropic efforts of various Boise State University student organizations and individuals.

The integration of philanthropy is completely innovative for Boise State and the student body, and the Students Helping Students Scholarship is a testament to this commitment. Through this program, the Student Philanthropy Board is fostering an unmatched level of spirit and enthusiasm for Boise State University among its students.

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