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First Year Student Increases

The Strategic Enrollment and Retention Plan (SERP) identifies four significant groups of students facing equity gaps in access and graduation rates at Boise State. These are first-generation students, Hispanic students, rural students and Pell-eligible students. Based on incredibly valuable work by our colleagues in Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, in partnership with Academic Affairs, Boise State is welcoming a much larger group of first-year students from Idaho in this year’s incoming class. This is an important accomplishment because it reflects intentional work to fulfill our mission as a state institution.

First-year students this fall compared to last fall:

  • Idaho First-Generation students increased by 71 students or 15.81%
  • Idaho Hispanic students increased by 69 students or 29.87%
  • Idaho Rural students increased by 73 students or 22.46%
  • Idaho Pell-Eligible students increased by 56 students or 11.22%

The Provost’s Office would like to thank everyone involved who contributed to serving these students as they begin their academic journey at Boise State. By improving access and closing equity gaps, we serve all students in our campus community.