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Access Technology Resource Guide

From the classroom to our websites, Boise State University is committed to supporting a campus environment that is accessible to all, and in particular to individuals with disabilities. Developed by Boise State Communications and Marketing, this guideĀ provides an overview of all of the campus resources available to create, publish, and share accessible content for students, faculty, staff, and the community.

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Create an accessible webpage

The OIT Web Accessibility and WordPress Support teams are available to help you review, create, and evaluate the accessibility of your public facing web content published on WordPress. OIT Accessibility can answer questions about WordPress, Monsido, PDF remediation, and general web accessibility.

Contact Support for Creating Accessible Webpages


From September 2016 through August 2017, nearly 4.3 million users visited Boise State University webpages!

Learn more about academic accommodations for students

The Educational Access Center (EAC) provides academic accommodations for students who may have temporary or permanent disabilities. The EAC can help with academic accommodations including assistive technology, alternative formats, deaf or hard of hearing services, and note taking.

Contact Support for Academic Accommodations


During the 2017 fall semester, the EAC arranged accommodations for 526 students enrolled in 1,471 courses!

Evaluate the accessibility of my documents or website

Evaluate the accessibility of my documents or website

Boise State utilizes Monsido web governance software for automated accessibility checks on OIT-hosted WordPress sites utilizing the Boise State University theme. See the Monsido Accessibility page on Webguide or contact the OIT Help Desk for more information about using Monsido at Boise State.

Contact Support for Accessible Documents


Monsido scans and reports on nearly 34,000 Boise State web pages every week!

Learn more about the pedagogical aspects of accessibility and universal design

An organizational unit within the Center for Teaching and Learning, Instructional Design and Educational Assessment (IDEA Shop) provides consultations, training, and faculty development opportunities focused on course design and the effective use of technology for teaching, learning, and assessment.

Contact Support for Pedagogy and Universal Design


The IDEA Shop is responsible for assisting faculty with the pedagogical aspects of accessibility, primarily through such faculty development opportunities as workshops, webinars, and a faculty learning community. Since June 2016, they have facilitated 16 webinars and 6 workshops on accessibility and Universal Design for Learning. For more details, see Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning at Boise State.

Use 3D printing as an accessible technology

Open to everyone on campus, the MakerLab is a radically inclusive community where you can access emerging technologies in an innovative culture of learning.

Contact Support for 3D Printing as Accessible Technology

  • Albertson’s Library, Room 201A
  • (208) 426-1625

At the MakerLab, anyone can 3D print for free on one of the nine 3D printers! Each printer clocks around 300 hours of use per month and there are more than 20 MakerSpace coaches.

Caption and transcribe my videos

Adding Closed Captions to your videos makes your content more accessible to more people. It also helps you generate an accessible transcript of your video and helps search engines find your video content more easily.There are several tools and resources available at Boise State including Camtasia Studio, a tool to record and edit videos. For tutorials, guidelines, and other information about captioning, see Video Resources on the website of the Office of Information Technology.

Contact Support for Video Captions and Transcription


A license for Camtasia Studio is available to staff and faculty for Boise State-owned computers. Contact the Help Desk to request your license key code.

Produce and share an accessible video

Learn more about the tools available to produce and share your video content with students, or the world! Tools include Camtasia Studio (for MAC or PC), Panapto, and even YouTube.

Contact Support For Producing Accessible Videos


The video hosting and sharing solution Panopto can help you upload video files, publish screen recordings, ensure accessibility compliance, and view user analytics.

Learn more about captioning standards and best practices

Simply providing captions does not make a video accessible. Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) is funded by the US Department of Education and provides a variety of resources to serve students with sensory disability and holds the standards for described and captioned media. The Educational Access Center can also provide resources related to this topic.

Contact Support for Captioning Best Practices


People with disabilities make up the largest minority group in the United States and around 1 million people aged 15 and older report being unable to hear conversations.

Explore the teaching and learning technology tools available at Boise State

Canvas, Clickers, Collaborate, Portfolios, Qualtrics, and Panopto are just some of the technologies available to integrate into your course content and Learning Technology Solutions are available to help.

Contact Support for Learning Technology Tools


At Boise State, 90% of faculty use Canvas, either fully online or to support or augment classroom instruction.