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Web Accessibility

Boise State values inclusiveness

Boise State values inclusiveness and full access to educational opportunities and benefits.

For this reason the University takes continual steps to increase programmatic and physical access to people with disabilities, and incorporates standards for accessibility into information technologies used throughout the campus community, including the Boise State WordPress sites.

Web accessibility is the inclusive practice of removing barriers

Web accessibility is the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to websites, by people with disabilities. When sites are correctly designed, developed and edited, all users have equal access to information and functionality.

Over four million people visit Boise State websites every year

Over four million people visit Boise State websites every year, and the majority of them access our sites with a mobile device!

We must consider how we create web content to ensure as many people as possible can use our websites.

Learn more about Web Accessibility Standards at Boise State.

The web accessibility team is working hard to support you!

Web Accessibility at Boise State: A mini-documentary

New year, new (accessible) web!

Web Accessibility Challenge

Boise State has an ambitious goal for 2019. Create the most accessible, inclusive website ever! But we can’t do this alone. We need you to help make this goal a reality.

Challenge yourself to review images, documents, media, headings, and links to ensure they are accessible now and make plans to maintain all future content remains accessible.

Accessibility Resource Guides

Publishing Accessible Panels

Panels provide a way to easily publish pre-formatted content on your WordPress pages. However, they require the same attention as the rest of your web content to be accessible. We recommend the following tips to structure your panel content using the default template.

Review Recommendations for Accessible Panels

Access Technology Resource Guide

The Access Technology Resource Guide provides an overview of the resources available at Boise State to help you create, publish, and share accessible digital content for students, faculty, staff, and the community.

Review Access Technology Resource Guide

Lexicon for Accessible Content

Developed by the Accessible Content Community of Practice, this Lexicon for Accessible Content provides a common language for everyone to use at Boise State when discussing content related to accessibility. To review the lexicon, visit the Boise State Accessibility site.

Review Lexicon for Accessible Content