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Boise State Values Inclusiveness

Web Accessibility at Boise State

Web accessibility is the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to websites, by people with disabilities. When sites are correctly designed, developed and edited, everybody has equal access to information and functionality.

Web Accessibility Information and Resources

Boise State values inclusiveness and full access to educational opportunities and benefits. We must consider how we create web content to ensure as many people as possible can use our websites.

The information and resources available on this page are designed to help you improve knowledge and skills so you can feel confident creating accessible content for your audience.

Inaccessible Content Notice

The Office of Information Technology will remove any inaccessible documents or web content uploaded or published after October 1, 2021. Site administrators and department staff are responsible for ensuring all web content is accessible on university websites per university policies including Policy 8140 Information Technology Accessibility and Policy 8040 University Webpages and Electronic Publications.

Start Small and Keep Going!

Best Practices

Not sure where to start with accessibility? Whether you are writing an email, drafting a document, writing a video script, or publishing a webpage, there are lots of ways to build accessibility into every step of the content creation process.

Check out these best practices for small tips and tricks you can start integrating into your next project.

Best Practices for Accessible Content

News and Updates

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Additional Web Accessibility Resources

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