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Quality,  accessible video content can sponsor compelling learning experiences for students. Our video resources provide a robust toolset for crafting and distributing engaging video content.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Which tool(s) should I use for classroom capture?

Panopto is available on all OIT classroom computers and allows instructors to simultaneously record their screen, webcam, document camera, and any additional video sources they wish to add.

Which tool(s) should I use for creating/editing instructional videos?

Panopto allows light editing of videos captured with the platform. Camtasia is a familiar choice for faculty who want to capture on-screen video and more comprehensively edit video files. Faculty and students can also craft lightboard videos at the Library’s One Button Studio.

Which tool should I use for video conferencing?

Zoom is a stable, easy-to-use solution for video conferencing. Users may record Zoom conferences and even set Zoom meetings via Google calendar.


What are some proven strategies for producing videos?

Review our support article, Instructional Video Guidelines for tips and examples.

How do I ensure my videos accessible for all learners?

Review our support article, Video Accessibility Guidelines throughout the production process.

How do I ensure that the videos I create are of high quality?

Review our support article Video Quality Guidelines before you start recording.

What technical matters should I be mindful of when producing videos?

Review our support article Technical Guidelines for Video throughout the production process.

Should my videos honor Boise State's branding?

Not necessarily, but there are some advantages to branding your videos to match Boise State standards. Review our support article Branding Guidelines for Video for more information.

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