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Use Bold Photography to Tell the Boise State Story

Our photography style reflects and reinforces our brand promise and positioning, portraying moments in dramatic, authentic ways. We have incredibly strong imagery of our employees, students, a vibrant campus, and our great city at our disposal and can work with departments for storytelling imagery to highlight your department.

  • Storytelling – Imagery that tells a story rather than documents a space or event
  • People in unique moments – Prominently featuring a person or people in a unique moment
  • Light – A strong sense of light
  • Composition – Interesting, asymmetric compositions
  • Negative space – Strong use of negative space allows for big imagery to work with design and text
  • Place – A sense of place on our unique campus in our beautiful state
  • Blue or orange – The inclusion of something blue or orange helps say Boise State without having to use the words

Capturing Individuals in Photography

Environmental Portraits

Full body, stoic. Facing the camera or facing the horizon. Shallow depth of field, but capture the vibrancy and recognizability of surroundings.

Caitlin Davis, conducting raptor research in the field, photo showcases shallow depth of field and captures the vibrant grass and rocky environment

Student standing in the snow, photo showcases shallow depth of field and captures the vibrancy of the falling snow


Unexpected angles and lighting. Deep depth of field. Capturing genuine moments of interaction, like a subject sharing their passion with the photographer.

Researcher collecting sagebrush samples in foothills, photo showcases the beautiful landscape

Researcher growing sagebrush samples, photo showcases the uniqueness of the greenhouse where research is being conducted

What Not to Use

AI-generated images and stock images are not permitted in any university marketing and promotional materials.

AI-generated image of people meeting at conference table

AI-generated image of people meeting at conference table at sunsetStock photo of handshake Stock photo of hands typing on computer

Need photos?

The Office of Communications and Marketing creative team can work with you to tell your story, share/create photos, videos, and design templates for your marketing projects, and make sure your visual materials proudly tell the Boise State story.

Design, Photo and Video Resources