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PathwayU and Advisors

PathwayU is a tool to help our students make informed decisions about career areas and academic majors. The tool is single sign-on and career matches are mapped to Boise State’s academic programs. PathwayU is free and can be accessed anytime through Career Services’ PathwayU page.

PathwayU is an online career assessment that uses scientific algorithms to help students explore career options based on their interest, personality, values, and workplace preferences. The goal of PathwayU is to help students find a career with purpose and meaning. This assessment will not decide on a career for them, instead it will help students learn more about themselves and their career options.

PathwayU uses reliable and valid assessments to predict the level of fit between students and career paths based on students’ personal attributes and the unique characteristics of particular career paths, while providing students with useful, empirically supported feedback and support.

Advisors may recommend PathwayU when:

  • Students are unsure of which possible major to pursue
  • Students want to change their major but are unsure of what path to pursue
  • Students don’t get accepted into a program
  • Students have multiple interests but don’t know how to integrate them into a career plan

Students can follow up with a career counselor if they have additional questions by scheduling an appointment online, or by using the link within PathwayU to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is PathwayU different from other assessments?

PathwayU uses predictive science to guide students to purpose and meaning in their education life cycle.  It is designed to increase student engagement, increase program retention, and increase academic performance while connecting students to meaningful lives and enhance career placement rates.

Can I take the assessment to see what it's like?

Yes! We encourage you to log in as a student and explore the tool. Use our PathwayU page to get to the login screen, then click the Student Login button, and use your Boise State credentials.

Do I need to go over the details of the PathwayU with a student?

No – PathwayU is very detailed and provides a lot of explanation directly to students.  Career Counselors and Success Coaches in Career Services will be happy to meet with students for more in-depth follow-up information.

What if a student says it wasn’t helpful?

Encourage them to schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor or Career Success Coach in Career Services.  We can show them aspects of PathwayU they may have overlooked, and help them better understand how their results can be used to aid in their decisions.

Can I view a student's results?

Only if the student chooses to share the results with you. You will not have access to view a student’s results from within your PathwayU account.

Have additional questions or need assistance? Reach out to your Career Services liaison.

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