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Virtual Workshops

On this page, you will find a find a series of online, interactive modules that will help you effectively plan and prepare for your career. Learn what employers are looking for, how to use that information to plan and prepare for your career, and even how to conduct a successful job search. Each virtual workshop will take around 30 minutes to complete.

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Identifying and Researching Career Options (Module 4)

Learn about Step 2 of the Career Planning Process and the various online and offline methods and resources available for identifying possible career options, researching them, obtaining job market information, and evaluating fit.

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Career Preparation – Becoming Employable (Module 7)

A degree alone is not enough! Learn about the skills and experiences employers will expect you to have, as well as the opportunities available to you while you’re here at Boise State to gain those skills and experiences, while building the professional network you’ll need to get a job.

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Resume Strategies

Perhaps the most confusing part of your self-promotion process, writing effective resumes is more of an art than a science. In this module, you’ll have an opportunity to learn the basics as well as advanced strategies for creating resumes that meet your needs.

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Cover Letters

While uses for cover letters vary, a cover letter can make or break your application. In this module, you’ll learn how to write compelling cover letters that clearly articulate why you’re the right person for the job.

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Successful Interviewing (Module 19)

Do you get stressed just thinking about interviews? The process of interviewing can be more intimidating than it needs to be if you’re not sure what to expect, how to prepare, or what the interviewer expects from you. In this module, you’ll learn what makes an interview successful, the types of questions to expect, and how to effectively prepare.

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Topic Outline

The numbering of the virtual workshops (module number) was based on the original proposed workshops outline, found at the bottom of this page. Note that most of those not currently available are simply expansions upon topics that ARE currently available.

Career Planning

1. The Career Planning Process: An Overview – available now!

2. How to Make a Career Decision – available now!

3. Personality and Career Choice (sub-topic of Module 2)

4. Identifying and Researching Career Options – available now!

5. Informational Interviewing (sub-topic of Module 4)

6. Choosing a Major (sub-topic of Module 4)

7. Career Preparation – Becoming Employable – available now!

8. Skills Critical for Employability (sub-topic of Module 7)

9. Creating a Career Preparation Plan (sub-topic of Module 7)

10. Should I Go to Graduate School? (sub-topic of Module 7)


11. Finding an Internship

Job Search

12. The Job Search Process – available now!

13. Networking (sub-topic of Module 12)

14. Personal Branding and Your Online Presence

15. LinkedIn (sub-topic of Module 14)

16. ePortfolios (sub-topic of Module 14)

17. Resume Strategies – available now!

18. Cover Letters – available now!

19. Interviewing – available now!