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Frequently Asked Questions

Webguide FAQ

Technical Specifications

Supported Web Browsers

Boise State’s WordPress theme supports recent versions of the following web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

These are also the officially supported web browsers for the university per the Office of Information Technology.

How should we link to external websites?

We recommend links to external (non-Boise State websites) open in a new window or tab.

We got an email asking us to link to a third-party website. Should we do it?

From time to time departments may receive email solicitations asking to include a link to a third party website on a particular page or site. Often these solicitations are presented as “a valuable resource” or “useful reference.”

Typically these requests are an attempt to gain traffic or improve the reputation of the third-party site. For more information read what Google says about Link Schemes. We strongly recommend against linking to these sites.

You may:

  • Treat the request as spam by ignoring, deleting, or blocking the email.
  • Respond with the following statement: “Thank you for your inquiry. Boise State University does not participate in link sharing programs. Please remove my contact information from your mailing list.”

Web Archives

Digital Archive

Albertsons Library Archives and Special Collections maintains a periodic digital archive of selected university websites. For questions or assistance with the digital archive powered by Archive-It contact