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Approved JD Directed Electives

The following JD Directed Electives from the University of Idaho College of Law are approved to substitute for up to 12 credits in the Professional MBA program at Boise State University.  Please refer to the University of Idaho College of Law catalog for course descriptions and details on course scheduling and availability.

This table describes the credit value of courses within the JD Directed Elective Track.
Course Number and TitleCredits
Law 903 Introduction to Intellectual Property3
Law 908 Workplace Law4
Law 910 Antitrust3
Law 918 Internet Law2-3
Law 919 Business Associations4
Law 920 Securities Regulation3
Law 922 Trademarks and Trade Dress2
Law 923 Payment Systems2-3
Law 924 Sales3
Law 925 Property Security3
Law 926 Bankruptcy3
Law 927 Business Entities Taxation2-3
Law 930 Taxation3
Law 931 Patents2
Law 980 Copyrights2-3
Law 984 Real Estate Transactions2-3