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JD/MBA: Tuition and Financial Aid

The JD/MBA program allows students to take advantage of affordable programs at both Boise State and University of Idaho while transferring credits between the program to save time and money. A few important points to note:

  • Students in the concurrent program will be charged separately for University of Idaho Law classes and Boise State MBA classes. Thus, you would have two separate tuition bills based upon your enrollment.
  • Financial Aid is available through University of Idaho, your “home” intuition. Students may count MBA enrollment at Boise State to receive additional funding (loans). To do so, you would need to pursue a Consortium Agreement. Please contact the University of Idaho Financial Aid Office for more assistance.
  • All loans are disbursed (released) to pay tuition/fees at University of Idaho. If extra is remaining, you would receive a refund to then pay your tuition at Boise State. No funds are automatically transferred from University of Idaho to Boise State.

Approx. Costs

MBA (Boise State)

Students are required to take 24 credits in Fall/Spring and 7 credits in Summer. Please view current Graduate Non-Resident and Resident per-credits rates published by Student Financial Services. Tuition is charged per semester based upon enrollment.

To calculate costs, look at graduate per-credit tuition rates for Fall / Spring and Summer on the Graduate Tuition & Fees web page. You can calculate the approximate MBA tuition costs by multiplying the cost per credit by the number of required MBA credits per semester.

JD (University of Idaho)

We encourage you to work with University of Idaho to inquire further about their total tuition costs. Remember that 12 credits are transferred from the MBA program to the JD program, which can save on per-credit costs.


Unfortunately, there are no scholarships specifically earmarked for concurrent JD/MBA students through Boise State. We recommend working with University of Idaho to inquire about specific Law Scholarships that may be available.


In general, if students / applicants have residency questions, we encourage you to work with the admissions team at both institutions in advance to work through questions or issues.

General residency information is available on the Boise State website. Since both University of Idaho and Boise State are public institutions, residency determinations and policies are the same between the two schools and governed by the Idaho State Board of Education.

  • Note: You may NOT earn residency during your first year of law school, since you are attending full-time as a student.
  • Note- new policy change: You may qualify for resident tuition if you are a student who has earned a baccalaureate degree from an Idaho institution of higher education, physically resided in Idaho for the final 12 months of undergraduate studies, and enrolled no later than 36 months after receiving a baccalaureate degree from the undergraduate institution

Western Regional Graduate Program

The JD/MBA program is part of the Western Regional Graduate Program which allows students in 15 states to be eligible for in-state tuition. Visit the WICHE website to see which states are eligible

  • Students must have a 3.3 cumulative Undergraduate GPA for eligibility
  • Students must be admitted by May 15 prior to their Fall start to be considered for the WICHE.