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JD/MBA: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Boise State have a Juris Doctorate (Law) program?

In short, no. Boise State does not have a JD or masters-level law program. The Concurrent Juris Doctorate (JD) / Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is a joint effort between Boise State and the University of Idaho (UI). MBA classes are offered through Boise State’s Professional (part-time, evening) MBA program, while students take Law classes at UI College of Law during the day.

Who do I contact about pre-law information or law school admissions?

If you are a Boise State student interested in pursuing a law degree, please view the School of Public Service Pre-Law Advising webpage or inquire at You may also choose to contact University of Idaho or view their Admissions webpage.

If I pursue the concurrent JD / MBA program, how long will it take to earn both degrees?

JD / MBA students earn their degrees in three years rather than the usual four to five. The program requires a minimum of 133 credits. A total of 24 credits are shared between the two programs (12 credits from the MBA and 12 credits from the JD are transferred as electives). See more curriculum information.

What are the benefits of getting both a JD and MBA?

      • Increase your marketability and opportunities in law and business
      • Save time and money with 24 shared credits and a shorter completion time
      • Double your networking opportunities by attending both in-person programs
      • Differentiate your resume and experience among other business and law professionals

What are some of the possible career opportunities for individuals with a JD / MBA?

      • Attorney
      • Corporate Lawyer
      • Director of Finance
      • Risk Manager
      • General Counsel
      • Corporate Strategy Manager
      • Director of Compliance
      • Employment Lawyer

Do I take JD and MBA classes at the same time?

Yes, and no. JD / MBA students complete their first year of law school at the UI, Boise campus. Then, in years two and three, students take in-person Boise State MBA courses and the remainder of their law school courses together.

What is the application process for the JD / MBA program?

Students must apply separately to each university’s program and must complete their first year at the University of Idaho College of Law in good standing before applying to the Professional MBA:

We recommend applying first to UI and then, later, to the MBA program before the March 1st priority deadline toward the end of your first year of JD studies.

If admitted to the JD/MBA program, how will I know which courses to take and when?

JD/MBA students are responsible to work with both of their JD and MBA advisor(s) throughout the duration of the program for an acceptable course plan.

Who do I contact with questions about admissions or the program?

UI College of Law
Vanessa Montoya, Associate Director of Admissions-Boise
Phone: (208) 364-9931

Boise State Professional MBA –
Ally Daniels, Director, Professional, JD & Online MBA Programs
Phone: 208-426-3174

How much does the concurrent JD / MBA program cost? Can I use Financial Aid to pay for my tuition at both Universities?

Great question. See more information on the JD/MBA Tuition and Financial Aid web page.

Are the MBA and Law classes graded on the same scale?

No. Boise State and UI classes are graded differently.

Completed JD courses are awarded letter grades based on a different numerical point value than Boise State. Additionally, some Law courses are graded on a pass / fail basis. See more information on College of Law Student Handbook 2022–2023.

Boise State requires that students in the Concurrent JD / MBA program must pass all of their courses with a “B” average, and a 3.00+ cumulative GPA, in order to graduate.