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College of Business and Economics Living Learning Community

LLC student group

The COBE Living Learning Community (LLC) provides driven first-year business students a unique on-campus housing option that connects academic life to life outside the classroom. COBE LLC students live in a residence hall with other students majoring in business and a faculty-in-residence (FIR) who leads the community through an exceptional first-year college experience.

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Seeking motivated, hardworking, and FUN students

Is the COBE LLC for you?

  • Are you a hardworking student?
  • Were you engaged in extracurricular activities in high school such as sports, clubs or part-time jobs?
  • Are you motivated to make the most of your college experience?

If you answered yes to these questions, read on to learn more about the COBE Living Learning Community.

Fun | Friendship | Family

What you can expect living and learning in the COBE community

  • Life-long friendships with like-minded students.
  • Enjoyment of the great outdoors — whitewater rafting, skiing, hiking.
  • You’ll always have someone nearby to talk to.
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Career exploration | Studying buddies | Opportunities

What you will gain living and learning in the COBE community

  • One-on-one faculty and peer support for degree and career exploration.
  • Networking opportunities with local business leaders.
  • Benefits of peer-led study sessions for first-year classes.
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Helping others | Practice | Experience outside the classroom

How you will grow living and learning in the COBE Community

  • Through community service you will develop leadership.
  • Through professional development support for writing resumes, networking, and preparing for interviews.
  • By developing college-success skills such as time management and communication.
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