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Why Computer Science?

Computing is fundamental in today’s digital world, and is being used to solve problems in all walks of life such as business, engineering, medicine, science, finance, agriculture, art, music, industrial control, and many others.

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Computer Science students Mousume Bhowmick Rachana Acharya Claire Merhar Taylor Roberts Oghenemaro Anuyah Bridgette Milgie Maddie Ross Emmanuel Massaquoi, Allison Corona photo.

As Marc Andreessen, famous entrepreneur and software engineer, once expressed: “software is eating the world,” and computer science is what you need to create professional software. Almost every major challenge facing our world is turning to computing for a solution, from conquering disease to eliminating hunger, from improving education to protecting the environment. Medical imaging and other medical software applications are revolutionizing the practice of medicine, mobile devices are transforming the way people live and communicate, web search engines have become a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. None of these developments would be possible without advances in computer science. In another ten to fifteen years, it is expected that all major systems and infrastructure in the world will be controlled by software. Computer science will play a critical role in this transformation. 

Boise State’s Computer Science Department offers a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with available emphases in Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Entrepreneurship, and Secondary Education as well as minors in computer science and cybersecurity, and a certificate in Data Science.

Our small class sizes allow students to interact frequently with professors, and to experience real world applications and networking through events like Boise Code Camp, Boise Startup Week, Tech Meetups and many others.

Outside of the classroom, the downtown Computer Science building creates a tight bond with local software development companies, with many opportunities for high-paying internships and year round part-time employment. Computer Science majors are in high demand and have the highest pay of any major in the University with over 90% choosing to accept jobs in Boise area.

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