Completing a PhD is a significant investment of time and money, fortunately, there are several ways for students to lessen the financial burden.

Learn about the cost of attendance and graduate tuition and fees at Boise State University.

Funding Opportunities

Graduate Assistantships

The Computing PhD program has limited funds and can typically only fund exceptional students for one year.

All newly admitted students are automatically considered for available GA positions if their application is received by the priority deadline.

First-year students must have an advisor by the end of their first semester and are required to work with their advisor to secure continued funding for the remainder of their degree program.

Gem Scholarships

Gem scholarships are merit based scholarships awarded by the Graduate College.

A Gem Scholarship waives non-resident tuition for out-of-state and international graduate students with an overall GPA of at least 3.30

Visit the Graduate College website for more information. 

Research Assistantships

Faculty regularly hire students to work on grant-funded research, and many faculty will post information on their website when they are hiring. Students are encouraged to learn about current faculty research and contact faculty who are doing work in areas that align with their own interests and background. Visit our directory page for a list of program faculty.

Bridge to Doctorate Fellowship

About the program

The Bridge to Doctorate program at Boise State is designed to support students through the critical first two years of  graduate study.

Fellows are welcomed into a community with other new PhD students and receive additional mentoring, coaching, and support from faculty mentors and bridge to doctorate staff, to ensure their success in their STEM Graduate program.

Visit the Program website to apply and learn more. 


  • Stipend of $32,000 annually for the first 2 years. Tuition and fee supplement, up to $12,000 annually.
  • Community building among bridge to doctorate fellows.
  • Individual faculty mentors provided to Fellows.
  • Participation in annual PNW LSAMP Alliance Conference and Graduate Showcase.
  • Graduate application fee waiver for eligible students. Apply for a fee waiver


  • Must be admitted to a Boise State STEM M.S. or Ph.D. program for fall 2019.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or permanent resident.
  • Provide evidence of participation in LSAMP programs from the LSAMP Director/Coordinator at undergraduate institution.

External Fellowships

External fellowships allow students to focus on completing their degree without going into debt. Second, awards demonstrate to prospective employers that a student is a serious scholar and a potentially valuable member of the academic or research community.

Fellowships for Computing Students