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Faculty Name (Last, First)DepartmentEmphasis Area(s)Research Areas
Andersen, TimComputer ScienceComputational Science and Engineering, Computer Science, Data ScienceArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Babinkostova, LiljanaMathematicsCyber SecurityCryptography, Cryptanalysis, Post-Quantum Algorithms, Number Theory, Game Theory, Set-Theoretic Topology
Barney Smith, Elisa H.Electrical and Computer EngineeringComputational Science and Engineering, Computer ScienceImage Processing, Machine Learning
Calhoun, DonnaMathematicsComputational Science and EngineeringApplied Numerical Analysis and Computational Mathematics
Cantley, KurtisElectrical and Computer EngineeringComputational Science and EngineeringNeuromorphic computing
Chen, HaoElectrical and Computer EngineeringCyber SecurityStatistical Signal and Image Processing, Communications
Chen, KellyBusiness and EconomicsData Science Microeconomics
Cutchin, StevenComputer ScienceComputer Science, Data ScienceScientific Data Visualization, Immersive Environments, Serious Games, High Performance Computing
Dagher, GabyComputer ScienceComputer Science, Cyber SecurityCyber Security, Applied Cryptography, Data Mining, Cloud Computing
Ekstrand, MichaelComputer ScienceComputer Science, Data ScienceHuman-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Recommender Systems
Fails, JerryComputer ScienceComputer Science, Data ScienceHuman-Computer Interaction (Hci), Participatory Design Finding, Analyzing and Making Sense Of Data/Information (For Children), Informal Science Experiences For Children, Fitness Technologies For Children, Security For Children
Farid, ArvinCivil EngineeringComputational Science and EngineeringMultiscale Multiphase Numerical Modeling
Fitzpatrick, ClaireMechanical and Biomedical EngineeringComputational Science and EngineeringComputational Biomechanics
Flores, AlejandroGeosciencesComputational Science and Engineering, Data ScienceIntegrated Terrestrial System Modeling and Remote Sensing, Hydrometeorologic and Regional Climate Modeling, Ecosystem Dynamics Modeling, Agent Based Modeling for Bioregional Analysis, Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Ecohydrology
Fragkias, MichailBusiness and EconomicsData Science Applied Economics
Gardner, JohnMechanical and Biomedical EngineeringComputational Science and EngineeringRenewable Energy, Kinetic Energy Scavenging Devices, Dolphin Propulsion, Dynamic Modeling Research
Glenn , NancyGeosciences, Human-Environment SystemsData ScienceTerrestrial Remote Sensing and Image Processing, Remote Environment Sensing, Dryland Ecology, Geological Engineering
Hampikian, GregBiology and Criminal JusticeCS, Data ScienceCancer, Forensics, HIV, Vaccine Development, Nullomers (Absent Sequences), Wrongful Convictions
Hayden, EricBiological SciencesCSE, CS, Data ScienceRNA Evolution, Molecules for Use in Biomedical and Biotechnical Fields
Hillis, VickenHuman Environment SystemsComputational Science and Engineering, Data ScienceHuman-environment Systems Modeling and Data Visualization
Hou, YantianComputer ScienceComputer Science, Cyber SecurityCloud Computing Security, Wireless Network Coexistence, Wireless Security, Social Network Privacy
Hughes, WillMaterials Science and EngineeringComputational Science and EngineeringMaterials Science, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Nanomaterials, DNA Nanotechnology
Jackson, BrianPhysicsData ScienceAstronomy, Exoplanet Time-series Analysis, Astrophysical Modeling
Jain, AmitComputer ScienceComputational Science and Engineering, Computer Science, Data ScienceParallel Algorithms and High Performance Computing, Beowulf Clusters, Cluster Tools, Parallel Application Development, Parallel Algorithms and Data Structures, Large Scale Data Analysis
Jankowski, EricMaterials Science and EngineeringComputational Science and Engineering, Data ScienceThermodynamics Applications, Molecular simulation, sustainable energy, soft matter, composite materials
Johnson, JeffreyGeosciencesData Science Acoustic Methods For Volcanology
Kaiser, UweMathematicsCyber SecurityTopology, Quantum Computing, Quantum Communication, Elementary Number Theory
Kennington, CaseyComputer ScienceComputer Science, Data ScienceNatural Language Processing, Dialogue Systems
Khanal, MandarCivil EngineeringComputational Science and EngineeringIntelligent Transportation Systems, Advanced Traffic Management, Connected and Automated Vehicle Systems Advanced Travel Forecasting Methods
Ko, KyungdukMathematicsComputational Science and Engineering, Data ScienceLong Memory Processes, Wavelet-Based Modeling, Bayesian Inference, Bayesian Statistics
Kopera, MichalMathematicsComputational Science and EngineeringComputational Mathematics, Ocean and Atmospheric Modeling, High-Performance Computing, Numerical Methods
Lee, JaechoulMathematicsComputational Science and Engineering, Data ScienceTime Series, Extreme Value Analysis, Statistical Analysis In Large-Scale Data
Li, LanMaterials Science and EngineeringComputational Science and EngineeringTheoretical and Computational Materials Science
Long, MinComputer ScienceComputational Science and EngineeringScientific computing, Hydrodynamics, Machine learning.
Lu, YangCivil EngineeringComputational Science and Engineering, Cyber SecurityComputational Multiscale/Multiphysics Modeling, Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Materials, Sustainable & Durable Cementitious Materials, Infrastructure Materials, Renewable Energy Materials, Critical Infrastructure Systems Resilience
Mamivand, MahmoodMechanical and Biomedical Engineering Computational Science and Engineering, and Data ScienceChemistry, processing, structure, and property in materials, aerospace materials, energy materials, and biomaterials.
Marshall, Hans-PeterGeosciencesComputational Science and Engineering, Data ScienceGeophysics & Glaciology, Data Fusion And Remote Sensing For The Cryosphere
McDougal, OwenChemistry and BiochemistryComputational Science and EngineeringOrganic Chemistry
Mead, JodiMathematicsComputational Science and Engineering, Data ScienceInverse problems, computational algorithms, Geoscience
Mehrpouyan, HodaComputer ScienceComputational Science and Engineering, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Data ScienceCybersecurity, Data Privacy, Cyber-Physical Systems, Security, And Privacy
Mikesell, DylanGeosciencesComputational Science and Engineering, Data ScienceComputing, Seismology, Geophysics, Seismic Imaging & Monitoring
Olschanowsky, CatherineComputer ScienceComputational Science and Engineering, Computer Science, Data ScienceHigh-Performance Computing, Parallel Computing, Compiler Optimizations, Benchmark Development
Oxford, JuliaBiological SciencesData ScienceFunction of Extracellular Matrix Molecules in Craniofacial and Skeletal Development, Cartilage Regeneration and Repair, Eye Development and Vitreoretinopathies
Paudel, JayashEconomicsData ScienceApplied Econometrics, Causal Inference, Environmental and Resource Economics, and Development Economics
Pera, Maria (Sole)Computer ScienceComputer Science, Data ScienceInformation Retrieval
Qu, LemingMathematicsComputational Science and Engineering, Data ScienceComputational Statistics
Rafla, NaderElectrical and Computer EngineeringCyber SecurityProgrammable Chips, Embedded & Microprocessor-Based System Design, Hardware Architectures
Sadegh, MojtabaCivil EngineeringComputational Science and Engineering, Data ScienceWater resource management and hydrological systems, Optimization And Statistical Analysis
Scheepers, MarionMathematicsCyber SecuritySet Theory, Game Theory, Cryptology, Elementary Number Theory
Serra, EdoardoComputer ScienceComputer Science, Cyber Security, Data ScienceData Science, Algorithms, Cyber Security, Data Mining
Sherman, ElenaComputer ScienceComputational Science and Engineering, Computer ScienceSoftware Engineering
Spezzano, FrancescaComputer ScienceComputer Science, Data ScienceSocial Network Analysis and Mining, Data Science
Stubban, JohnComputer ScienceCyber Security, Computational Science and Engineering, Data ScienceSmart Grid and Industrial Cyber Security
Warner, LisaChemistry and BiochemistryComputer ScienceStructural Biology, Protein/nucleic acid interaction, biomolecular structure computation
Wingett, DeniseBiologyComputational Science and EngineeringImmunology and Inflammatory Disease, Nanomaterials and Biological Response, New Drug Development
Wright, GradyMathematicsComputational Science and Engineering, Data ScienceComputational Math, Scientific Computing, Numerical Methods for PDEs, Approximation Theory, Mathematics of Data Science, Computational Geosciences, and Mathematical Biology
Xiao, JidongComputer ScienceComputer Science, Cyber SecurityCybersecurity
Yeh, Jyh-HawComputer ScienceComputer Science, Cyber SecurityComputer Security
Zubik-Kowal, BarbaraMathematicsComputational Science and EngineeringComputational and Applied Mathematics
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