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Concurrent Enrollment Instructor Resources

Concurrent Enrollment Instructors are an important part of the Boise State community, and we offer multiple resources to support them.

Boise State Resources

High school instructors who are approved to teach for the Boise State Concurrent Enrollment program receive adjunct faculty status with a staff ID, access to the Albertsons Library and the Center for Teaching and Learning for research, and a BroncoMail email account.

Resource List


All faculty members must enter their grades electronically through their myBoiseState account. Instructions for entering grades online can be found by viewing the “Grade My Classes” web page. Find grade submission dates and deadlines for the current year on the Instructor Important Dates and Deadlines web page.

Class Rosters

Each instructor will have access to myBoiseState to view their class information online. Class rosters are updated in real time and accurate at the time they are accessed. To view your class roster on your myBoiseState account:

  1. Select “Faculty/Staff/Advisors”
  2. Select “Class Roster Link” with those people next to class numbers
  3. Review this list to make sure that the correct students are enrolled

If there are any roster discrepancies, such as missing students or a student with the wrong name, please contact the Concurrent Enrollment office. More Information about working with the class rosters can be found by viewing the following web page:

View My Class Roster

Textbooks and Supplies

Requests for classroom support will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis. Instructors must submit textbook requests on school letterhead with the title of the book, International Standard Book Number (ISBN), and the desired textbook total. Textbook requests must be approved by the Concurrent Enrollment director and takes about 7-14 days to process depending on when the request was placed. Textbooks may be picked up at the Concurrent Enrollment office or delivered to your school.

Requests must be made no less than eight weeks before class begins.

Student Course Drop Procedure

Concurrent Enrollment Instructors are the first point of contact for students when they want to drop a course. In the case of a requested drop, email a Concurrent Enrollment staff member to have the student dropped from the Boise State course, and have your grade roster regenerated before submitting grades. Please note that once grades are submitted, students cannot be dropped.


Instructors can assign a grade of “I” – for incomplete- if a student’s work has been satisfactory up to the last three weeks of the semester or extenuating circumstances make it impossible for the student to complete the course before the end of the semester. However, an incomplete is not appropriate if a student is no longer in the class. If a student is on your roster and has not been attending class, please contact the Concurrent Enrollment office to have them withdrawn before submitting grades.

If assigning an incomplete, the instructor and student must create a contract stipulating the work the student must accomplish and the time in which it must be completed for the student to receive the new grade. The contract time may not exceed one year and must be submitted to Concurrent Enrollment.

Once the work has been completed, the instructor must email the new grade to Karina Smith, Concurrent Enrollment Associate Director, at If no grade other than incomplete has been assigned one year after the original incomplete, the grade of “F” will automatically be assigned.

Grade Changes

Instructors can change grades in their grade roster any time before the course grade deadline. If a grade needs changed after the grade deadline, instructors must email Karina Smith at with the new grade. Concurrent Enrollment will complete the grade change paperwork internally.