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The 2022 Great Ideas in Teaching and Learning Symposium transcends live events.

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Todd Norton: Two kinds of video for learning

Todd Norton, professor and associate chair of integrated media in the Department of Media, talks about two ways he uses videos in class, using his spring 2022 Introduction to Integrated Media and Strategic Communications course. Watch to discover how he uses introductory video to connect with students and weekly videos to give general feedback to the class.

Gonzalo Bruce & Christy Suciu: Global Collaboration

This graphic, a detail of which appears at right, captures some of the ways Boise State faculty collaborate with colleagues abroad via Boise State’s Center for Global Education. View the entire PDF for more information, or read the text in an accessible Google Doc.

To read more about how your students can engage in project-based learning via a virtual exchange, visit the Global Collaboration Projects page.

Lan Li: Integrating Computation into Engineering Education

In this video, Lan Li discusses the strategies she uses to give students hands-on experience with solving real-world problems using computational models.

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Brandi Venable: The Importance of a Student Background Survey

In this poster, Brandi Venable, an academic advisor in the Honors College, offers tips on creating—and using the results from—a student background survey. View the accessible PDF of Venable’s poster.