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When Students Share Personal Stress

Students sharing personal stress may not mean they are in need of immediate help.

  • Previous life experience might be impacting their ability to process and deal with stress.
  • They may be going through a traumatic experience, i.e., any experience in which their internal resources are not adequate enough to cope with external stressors. This can translate into concerning behavior that you might observe.
  • Sharing stress or trauma with others can be a common way for some people to cope with the challenges they’re facing.

Does a student need additional support?

Continue reading this page to learn more about trauma-informed support and how to determine if a student would benefit from being connected to campus and/or community resources.

The 5 Principles of Trauma-informed Support

Think a student is in need of immediate help?

If you feel that this incident/situation may lead to harm of the individual or others, if there is an emergency, or if you feel there is a significant threat to the university and/or its community, please dial 911 or call the Department of Public Safety at (208) 426-6911.

For more support, consult the Reaching Out Handbook and/or submit a CARE Alert.

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