Course Design and Development

A full range of support services are available for faculty to develop and teach online classes at Boise State. The eCampus Instructional Design team walks partners through the planning, design, and continued improvement of online programs and courses.

Instructional Design Resources

The eCampus Center’s instructional design unit provides faculty and academic programs with the expertise and assistance for developing courses, teaching and learning online. Our consultants promote high-quality, innovative online education to support Boise State’s vision of being a metropolitan research university of distinction, including:

Course Design Support

Consultation and support during the design and development of online courses and programs and instructional materials to ensure accessibility for all students

Development Support

Assistance with course and content creation, including accessible rich media assets

Best Practices

Research and recommendations for strategies and technologies to meet learning objectives and assessment methods in online courses

Online Faculty Development

eCampus Quality Instruction Program (eQIP)

Online Faculty Development
Supporting Online Faculty

eQIP Faculty Associates

Supporting Online Faculty
Prepare for Online Teaching

Administrative Orientation

Prepare for Online Teaching
Faculty Opportunities

Teaching Online at Boise State

Faculty Opportunities

eCampus Faculty Resources

“I am truly grateful for this experience. I have learned so much throughout the process and have been able to carry a lot of these lessons into my face-to-face classroom as well. We are really lucky at Boise State to have such support for online teaching. The training is well-designed and thoughtful and the course designers and faculty reviewers I have gotten to work with provided excellent support and guidance. ”

—Samantha Sturman Dahl, Placement and Assessment Manager, First-Year Writing Program

Academic Integrity

Boise State promotes Academic Excellence as a core Shared Value upholding the virtue of honesty in the pursuit of knowledge. Behaving with integrity and honesty is a hallmark of a Boise State University graduate.

When faculty and employers respect the integrity of the degrees conferred and faculty are confident that their students will act with integrity, Boise State students find opportunities inside and outside the classroom with a network of professionals and alumni promoting their continued learning and success. A fundamental belief that Boise State students will uphold academic integrity allows individuals and companies to trust that the education documented on a resume indicates the content and skills mastery appropriate to the degree indicated.

For detailed information and strategies to promote academic integrity, visit The Dean Of Students Academic Integrity Page.

Accessibility Information

Boise State policy #1075 Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability section 4.1.5 states, “faculty members are responsible for ensuring that the selection and/or development of their course tools and materials are fully accessible for people with disabilities.”

The Educational Access Center recommends that faculty include on all syllabi a statement informing students with disabilities of their right to request reasonable accommodations in the classroom. Please visit the EAC syllabus statement webpage for more information.

“Due to the mentorship and relentless support of our eCampus team, an online bachelor degree completion program is now a successful reality for Imaging Sciences!”

—Leslie Kendrick, MS, Radiological Sciences Department Chair