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Graduate Students

Understand how your financial aid options differ from undergraduate aid

Check out funding opportunities through the Graduate College

Graduate Aid Basics for Eligible Programs

  • Enrollment credit level requirements are different for graduate students.
      • 5+ credits = half-time enrollment and is required for loans
      • 9+ credits = full-time enrollment
      • Aid may change if you are enrolled less than full-time

Eligible Graduate Programs

The U.S. Department of Education determines which academic programs are eligible for federal financial aid. At Boise State, all graduate programs for master’s or doctoral degrees are eligible for federal aid.

The following graduate certificate programs are approved for federal financial aid :

  • Certificate: Health Services Leadership offered by Health Sciences
  • Certificate: Secondary/K-12 Teaching, offered by Curriculum, Instruction and Foundational Studies
  • Certificate: Conflict Management offered by Public Policy and Administration

Master’s or doctoral degree students with concurrent enrollment in in the above mentioned graduate certificates are eligible for federal financial aid, assuming all other eligibility requirements are met.

All the financial aid credits in which you enroll must be credits required to complete your graduate certificate or degree.

Programs not eligible for federal aid

Courses taken as a non-degree seeking student or in an ineligible graduate certificate are not eligible for federal student aid but, Alternative Loans are an option and we have more information and a list of potential lenders that you can review.

Apply for Federal Aid

Do not forget to use smart borrowing and budgeting processes.

Please review other funding opportunities for graduate students as well.

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