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Accept or Decline Your Aid

Eligibility and Awards

Boise State will award you the maximum aid for which you are eligible. You are notified via email when your aid is ready to accept. You’re free to accept or decline the aid that is best for you.

Before You Accept Aid

We encourage you to borrow responsibly and only accept what you need. Before accepting aid, take the following steps:

  1. Use the Bottom Line Estimator to calculate what you may owe for the semester.
  2. Understand the Terms and Conditions of accepting aid.
  3. Understand the loan repayment process.

Note: There are origination fees associated with all federal loans that affect the net amount received. Please use our Loan Fee Calculator if you are wanting to receive a specific amount.

Helpful Tips

To avoid disbursement delays, accept your aid as soon as possible. Loans must be disbursed (released) prior to the last day of the semester.

  • All loans, work-study, and most scholarships must be accepted in your Student Center.
  • Grants are automatically accepted on your behalf.
  • Most aid is offered for the full academic year, but split between fall and spring semesters. Accept the amount you need for both semesters.
  • For subsidized and unsubsidized student loans, you may delay your decision by not checking any box.  If you decide later that you want some or all of the loans, return to this screen to accept.
  • If you want more or less in loans for spring semester, request that adjustment during fall semester and prior to the disbursement of spring aid.
  • If you will be attending for only one term, contact the Financial Aid Office to request an adjustment to your loans.

Video Instructions - How to Accept Aid

Visit our YouTube page for videos in other languages. Closed captions are available and you can access the steps outlined in this video in the Written Instructions section of this page

Written Instructions - How to Accept Aid

How to Accept, Decline or Reduce Your Aid

  • Log in to myBoiseState
  • Check your internet settings to allow pop-up screens
  • Select Student Center (below BroncoMail)
  • Select the Student Homepage tile
  • Select the Financial Aid tile
Financial Aid tab on the student homepage
  • Select the appropriate Aid Year
  • Click “Accept/Decline Awards”
Accepting/declining awards button in the financial aid page of a Boise State account
  • Follow the directions on the award package screen. Each award is hyperlinked so you can see information regarding eligibility for that award.
  • To accept all of an award, check the “Accept” checkbox.
  • You can reduce the amount of your award by clicking “Accept”, then the “Update Totals” button, and entering a dollar amount.
  • Click “Submit” to record your final decision(s)
Screenshot showing how to accept or decline awards in your Boise State account

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