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Pace Standard

As of the 2019 fall semester, you’ll need to complete 67% of all credits you attempt. This includes credits at Boise State plus the credits transferred and accepted from other schools you have attended.

Credits Attempted

Credits attempted are defined as all classes for which you receive a passing grade (“D -” or better, or “P”), or an “F,” “I,” “W,” ‘NR,” “CW,” or “IP.” This includes:

  • Regularly enrolled classes
  • Challenge credits
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • CLEP test
  • Other prior learning credits
  • Reserved credits
  • Transfer credits
  • University excluded credits. These are counted as withdrawals – attempted, but not completed

Credits Completed

Credits completed are defined as all classes for which you receive a passing grade of “D -” or better, or “P”. However, for graduate students with “IP” thesis or dissertation credits, the graduate college considers you to be making satisfactory progress on those attempted credits so they are counted as completed for the purposes of SAP.

Regain Financial Aid Eligibility

As of the 2019 fall semester, You need to enroll in and successfully complete enough credits to meet the 67% Pace standard. Graduation from a first bachelor’s degree program or starting a first graduate degree program will restart the Pace count. You can also submit a SAP appeal for potential approval of an academic plan.